How To Beat The Bookies: Football Predictions Can Make You Rich

The first tip for beating the bookies is a deceptively simple one: Know the tipping website thats giving you the odds. Well, of course, you should – isn’t that obvious? To have a chance of beating the bookies and making a profit long term, you need to know it. For instance, provides well researched odds to its VIP members There’s nothing like doing your homework to help make informed bets to minimise risk.

If you’re a football fan, most of the country knows the sport at least a bit, which makes it harder to get one over on the bookies. However, if you’re a bit of a nerd about an esoteric league – say you happen to follow the Estonian MeistriLiga, for example – then there’s a good chance you know more than the people setting the odds.

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of a less well-followed sport such as volleyball, you don’t even necessarily need to get too obscure with your bets. You need to look out for the moments when the odds-setters have set too much store by a team’s high league position and made them odds-on favourites despite recent injury problems.

You’d be surprised how often decent odds come up in more obscure markets. Everyone knows, from one week to the next, who’ll be in the Manchester United squad and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The same is not true of Flora Tallinn of Estonia, for example.

Going forward, one need to have clear strategy when it comes to booking bets. Its therefore an advice that you make use of when seeking for professional opinions about betting.

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